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Almond & Lemon

Almond & Lemon

Almond & Lemon

Food tip: Crunchie Koek Yoghurt

Crunch je Koek Break in kleine stukjes en vermaal het door je Yoghurt. Voeg er nog wat Honing bij toe voor de extra smaak sensatie. Ooohja, vergeet het fruit niet!!

Chocolate & Coconut

Chocolate & Coconut

Chocolate & Coconut

Foodtip: Cookie crumble

Crunch this declicious cookie into big crumbles and eat it in combination with your favourite ice cream. And there you go! The perfect dessert.

Foodtip: Crunchie Cheesecake

Crunch this Koek Break into small pieces and use it as base for the best homemade cheesecake. Enlighten your cheesecake with some fresh fruit for a taste-explosion. When will you start baking?

Yoghurt & Apricot


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